Our Farms

We source our milk from over a hundred specially selected local farms, located within a 45 mile radius of the dairy. Much of this milk comes from farms located on The Cheshire Plain, a truly world class milk field.

We are proud to say we work closely with our milk suppliers – specially selected for their high quality milk & farming practices. The Heler family are still very much farmers themselves, so know the everyday requirements that the farming community faces and each farmer’s individual stories.

We dedicate time and resource to ensure we work as closely as possible for best results, even keeping our farmers informed about the cheese industry, our plans and our projects – treating each as a vital cog in the workings of the company.

Alongside our suppliers we have our very own farm – Parkes Farm – located in the village of Audlem located just a couple of miles away from our dairy. Parkes Farm is the home of our own award-winning dairy cows, collectively known as the Helton herd.

our_farmers_2Our Farm Manager, Mark Thornton, oversees the running of operations at Parkes Farm. Mark has a wealth of experience as a dairy farmer and along with his small dedicated team is an integral part of the farm’s story of success.

All the 300-strong herd of cows are pampered to ensure the quality of milk is of the highest standard. The cows each have names, have their hooves manicured, given mattresses to sleep on and even have music to listen to. Just like how our cheese has won a plethora of awards at cheese shows up and down the country, the cows themselves have their own success stories at farming shows nationwide.

However, behind the stories lie true & genuine benefits. The pampering that the cows receive at all our milk suppliers – including our own farm – leads to relaxed, contented herds that then provide the very best quality milk, used by the dairy to make the best quality cheese.

If of course you are interested in joining us as a producer please contact our Milk Procurement Manager Andrew Nicholas at andrewn@joseph-heler.co.uk or on 07816 960251