All of the flavours to excite your cheese board.

Wensleydale and Cranberry - Joseph Heler Cheese


The classic sweet blend - and a worldwide favourite – our Wensleydale & Cranberries is bursting with flavour.

Made by blending our award winning Wensleydale cheese with a generous scattering of fruity cranberries, this cheese is perfect for a cheeseboard or as an ingredient.

Double Gloucester with Triple Onion - Joseph Heler Cheese


A wonderful savoury blend, full of flavour, our Double Gloucester with Triple Onion takes ‘cheese & onion’ to a whole new level.

Combining our Double Gloucesterwith a trio of spring onions, red onions & shallots, this twist on a classic really has a point of difference.

Chilli Smoked Cheddar - Joseph Heler Cheese


A sweet, spicy blend of our Smoked Cheddar with chilli pepper – a real flavour hit.

We naturally smoke our Cheddar over wood shavings in a real smokehouse, then blend it with the perfect amount of red jalapeno peppers & tomato to give a real flavour kick.

Cheddar Hop - Joseph Heler Cheese


Cheddar Hop is a hand made, firm-textured cheese which is coated in a layer of lightly toasted hops.  The flavour is rich and creamy and delivers a hint of lemon and a slightly yeasty taste associated with beer. Its unique flavour profile allows the cheese to act as a great cheese topping or accompaniment for a wide range of dishes

Cheese Board - Joseph Heler Cheese

Cheese done properly...