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Mike and George



Today the business is in the hands of Mike (son) and George (grandson), who maintain the original passion and entrepreneurial spirit established by Joseph.

When your name is on the pack, you take everything personally... that is what drives the passion through the family business.

Mike Heler - Joseph Heler Cheese

Mike at Parkes Farm with his beloved champion cow Clarissa

Mike splits his energy between running the family herd based at the Parkes Farm and the cheese making at Laurels Farm. Known by name to every farmer who supplies their milk to the dairy, every supplying farmer or member of staff is treated as a friend. Mike’s passion for the business is felt by everyone who visits the dairy, and he will share his love for British cheese with everyone who has the time to enjoy cheese as it should be made.

"I love nothing more than tasting a new batch of cheese with the cheese makers and graders. Cheese is a living product that should be treated with respect and most importantly …. Enjoyed." 

If you would like to get in touch with Mike please contact him directly below.

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George Heler - Joseph Heler Cheese

George amongst the younger generation of the Helton Herd

George is the 3rd generation of cheese makers and has taken the lead on ensuring that cheese making is maintained at Laurels for the next 60 years. Following Joseph’s desire for innovation, George and the team have built the International sales under the Joseph Heler name, and most recently created a new range of healthier cheeses, sold under the Eatlean brand.

"My wish is for us to adapt with innovative products entering new markets, ensuring that in our ever changing world we remain relevant and sustainable for the next generaton..."

If you’d like to know more about George’s plans for the future, please contact him directly below.

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